Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Three

My sister wanted to go to a museum (can't remember what it was called, but I do know that it had TONS of marble in it and most of it was missing hands, arms, feet.... you name it... but what do you expect after .... well I do not have any idea how many years (maybe I should have had my sister write this post;) )

 There where also cool mosaics.

This woman could use a nose job.... hehehehe

It was pretty cool to see these faces from the past and look at all the hair styles (I have been doing a lot of looking at hair styles as I am ready to chop my hair off).

Love this hair.

Silly photo.

Man, how long do you think it took to do this hair?

This guy was really cool.  They put different color "stuff" on him to make it look like blood (he is was a boxer).

This on was kinda weird because she looks like she comes from my family tree.

This was a cool fence (much nicer then our fences).

just a cool photo.

I think this was a tomb.

Mom liked this and wondered how hard it would be to mak into a quilt.... HARD.

I thought this would be a really cool quilt border (but lots of work).

We had dinner at a place and on the way to the bathroom they had this wall of wine cases.  COOL.


Kari said...

Ian said,"Zoe must have been scared of all of those decapitated heads." :) It looks like so much fun, I really like the shoe pic.

Zoë said...

Oh Ian that is toooooo funny.