Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Must of been a big day for playing

Elijah and I were playing war after school today (the card game... do not want you guys picturing us all dressed up in camo and shooting each other ;).  It just so happens that it was the worlds longest game of war (in the end I openly cheated so that he could win and we could stop the game:)  Ada was down stairs playing VERY quietly.... now we know why:)  That is a big rubber maid tub of dress up outfits.  (it took me a couple of seconds to find her and it freaked me out and then I saw the little head of hers sticking out.  (of course I had to get Elijah to come down and see her.... and take a photo:)

Now Elijah wants me to play chess with him...... I see another long game in my very near future:)

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I had to look and re look to see the sleeping ? Ada. what a treat... Alyssa used to sleep in her toy box. barbara