Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun Night

2 Screaming kids
1 not so silent house
= 1 mom who is glad this week is almost over and 1 dad who is fleeing the house*

*OK Mark is not really fleeing the house he is just going to Volleyball, but it sounded better that way.

I do have lots to show you from my WONDERFUL quilting weekend, but I can not find the cord for the camera (well I have not really looked for it very hard, but it was not where I was when I was with the camera and the computer;)

Have a nice night.... both kids will be asleep soon so I will also.

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...some days (nights) are JUST GONNA be a sceeeeeMing meaneeee Gosh darn time! Gotta have the bad so today can be good. Isn't that penny-ante philosophy. Throw a wet shoe at me for being less than... barbara