Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last couple of days

We have had a busy week.  I am trying to get packed for my quilting weekend (I leave TOMORROW!!!!) My friend Maria is flying in IN A COUPLE OF HOURS!!!!!! But I have not been able to really get ready for the weekend as things around here are a little crazy.  This year we decided that it was time for the kids to have swim classes (again for Elijah and first time for Ada) so our week nights looks something like this:
Mon Ada's swim class (I take Elijah and he and I have a little time or he plays on the ipod and I read a book:)
Tue I have Pilate's
Wen Elijah has swim class (if Mark makes it home in time I leave Ada with him if not I take her and she sits as close to me as she can and on my lap if she can.  Last night I also took our friend Nick as he is in the class also and his Dad, Brian came part way through.  Brian and I then talked about the cub scouts (I am the assistant leader) while Ada climbed on me and hang on me.
Thur Mark has volleyball and every other week Elijah and I will have cub scouts (hoping that moves to Mon after school, but for right now Thur night is it, also hoping that Ada will be able to stay with Mark so that I will not have to have her hanging on me;)
Friday right now we have Friday free so if you know something else that we can cram into our week please let us know we do not like to be idle ;)

Anyway back to this week.... the big stinky plant starting opening this week so we took the kids to see it (it was not stinky while we where there.... it waited until we left to get sticking.... thank GOD!)

 The kids outside waiting to go in.
 Stinky plant and stinky kids.

 Very pretty colors and since it did not stink you can get a good look inside it:)

And just because here is a photo of my yummy lunch from yesterday.  Tomatoes from the garden, carrots, chicken, pepper from the garden, feta, and sweet onion... it was YUMMY.

Gotta go Ada wants a book read and we have to get ready to go to her school.

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Laurel said...

Zoe, I love your blog. I sent you an email with more to come.