Monday, September 13, 2010

Cool macro shot?????

Or just a REALLY big mushroom???

Found this in our "woods" today..... I thought it was a lost soccer ball:) Not sure what it is.... I have not googled Really Big White Mushroom yet. Update:  I just looked them up and I am pretty sure they are  puff balls (that is what I thought when I first saw them, but I have never seen one so big).

I have not been blogging much as I have been feeling the little bit of the blues.  When I say a little bit I really mean just a little bit.... things are OK just not feeling up to my self lately.  I started a new couple of drugs and they are bumming me out, but other then that all is OK.  This is our first week back to your normal schedule, and it feels nice to be getting into the swing of things. 

Will write more when I have more to say.

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