Friday, September 7, 2012

Quilt show

So I took my MIL to a quilt show was it fun.  I found a whole bunch of stuff that "NEEDED" to be adopted by me:) oh and of course a ton of wonderful quilts.  Here are the things that found a new home with us ( us being my fabric and me;)

I just fell in love with these charm packs, when I find a charm I like I tend to by 2 so that I will have enough to do most small projects.

A soon ( in relative terms) to be table runner.

Some notions.

Cool new tool, can't wait to use it.

New obsession, don't ask just know I am kinda crazy about paper piecing right now.

And of course there is the fabric.  This stuff just SCREAMED  to me.... Love it.

Cute dots....cause who can not use more dots in their life/stash?

Halloween print so that I can make a couple of shirts for a couple if cool kids:)

Stripes, the color on this is bad, but trust me it is cute.

For a rainy day.

This one I keep taking out and petting..... Man I love this fabric, it is my fav of all the stuff I got..... Now I have to introduce all my new fabrics to all my old fabrics so they can have a fabric party:). 

I will be back more next week when my MIL leaves we have been having tons of fun and no time for blogging.

Oh and a joke that made me laugh:

Why did Beethoven get rid of his chicken?
Because he kept saying Bach Bach Bach.

LOL LOL LOL Sorry that one just cracks me up.  Have a nice weekend

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