Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did you know that the internet has almost anything you might need?

I made this for dinner last night and it was sooo yummy and easy.  I loved it, it went over so so with the kids (but anything that is not pizza or pasta kinda goes over so so with the kids in this house.)

OK why am I telling you this you ask, well I almost never make any Asian food because of the soy factor.    Well Mark and I where talking about what to eat this week (because you know we have exciting conversations like that all the time) and he said to me "have you checked for a soy substitute?" (WELL DUHHHHHHHH) so onto the internet (not sure if you know this, but everything  is in the internet) and within 2 seconds I found a recipe for making a soy substitute!!!!!  Man that makes us happy here is the allergy house.  It was easy and good.  It made more then I needed so stuck the rest in the freezer ( we will see how that works).  Anywho this is the recipe that I used.

Have fun on the internet;)

BTW have anyone of you seen this?  It is kinda additive. (thank God they do not seem to have fabric.... that would really kill me;)

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