Thursday, September 20, 2012


A couple of projects I have been working on.

How cute are these little dresses?  I have two more ( pink ) done.  I want to put them in a shadow box and hang them in A's room. They are so much fun to make and I want to make more, but can not think of a good reason to make more.

I also got this table runner almost done ( all but the hand sewing on the binding.). I just love the way it came out.  I was telling someone that you could have the ungliest project in the world and if you add giant rickrack to it becames the cutest project ever:). I told Ada this and she said " but this would not be ugly even if you did not have the rickrack.". Man I love that little girl.

Elijah had a play date yesterday, so Ada and I got to have girl time.  She wanted to do one thing and one thing only.....paint with me. Not sure why this was so important her, but that is what we did. ( I am not going to lie to you I was not so into the idea, but as we did it we both had a lot of fun.  That girl is smart that way.

Hope you all have a nice productive day.

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Yarni Gras! said...

those dresses would be a terrific little garland/bunting over her cute!