Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You can have a cake but you can not eat it too.

I have been meaning to tell this story for a while, but keep forgetting. 

On Halloween we where at a party that had a cake walk (you walk around a table until the music stops, someone picks a number and if you are on that number you get to pick a cake from the table).  For some reason Elijah decided that he wanted to win a cake, I let him play assuming that he would not win.....

Well of course he won, picked out a cake and brought it to me proudly.  I walked around to find out who made it and if it was safe for him to eat (knowing that it most likely was not).  Of course it was made with to many eggs for Elijah to eat and I did NOT want a cake that only Mark and I could eat in the house!!! After looking at the table and guessing that all the cakes would be the same, and with Elijah getting sadder and sadder, I came up with a plan.  " How about we find someone that would like to have this cake?"  Elijah got a BIG smile on his face and ran to one of the "big" boys that he LOVES and gave it to him.  The "big" boy (really a teenager) got a BIG smile. 

All where happy. 

Boy am I happy that went well..... wait is that Elijah at the cake walk again? Yep it is.... wait he won again.... he is finding someone else to give a cake to....... He looks so happy.  I love that boy.

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