Wednesday, December 15, 2010


They walked away from the house today with little of their skin showing, all bundled up from head to toe.  Mark is still walking Elijah to school even through it is less then 2 degrees out! (well it is up from Monday when it was only .5 when they left.) But Elijah does not seem to mind, today he said he wished they had more time so that they could take the long way in to school today (that is his dad's genes not mine!.... OK to be fair when I was a kid growing up in Maine I would often go out in the snow with no shoes on.... man how things have changed.

My latest drug (methotrexate) seems to be working for me (in most ways).  It seems to be making me sick, but also giving me more energy and I am LOVING that.   I am starting to see how I can live with this disease and have a normal life.  It is wonderful to feel normalish again, but the sick feeling is going to have to go!! I went to the doc yesterday and she is going to put me on a injectable version of the same drug that should make me feel better.... I can hardly wait.  Man what a long way I have come.  I used to be SOOOOO afraid of shots that I would freak out EVERY time that I had to have blood draws or shots.  Now I am happy to have one that I am going to be giving to myself every week!  I guess it just goes to show you that when push comes to shove you do what you have to do and GOD gives you the strength to do it.

Well Ada is coming down stair now and cuddling up next to me so I have to do now.  Have a nice day.

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