Monday, December 20, 2010

Vegas odds

So yesterday we where all at Church for the Children's Christmas Show.  Ada was a baby robin and Elijah was a cheerful robin.  On the way up to the stage one of the robins tripped on their robin robe and hit their head on the piano.  Now if Vegas had odds on something like this and you bet on the one that fell you would be RICH!!!! That is right Ada fell and is the first one  of our kids to need stitches.  Well not stitches as it was a clean cut and they could use glue...... (BTW this is how my kids "sew" is by using glue, maybe this means that one day they will be Doctors;). 

She was fine after about 10 mins (she cried a lot before that, but who can blame her).  In fact by the time I got her to the doc she was WELL over it.  We where drawing snowmen and snow women (with blood in their hair like Ada) when the Doctor and Nurse come in.  They thought there was nothing wrong with her until I picked up her hair and let them see the cut.  I think that they where impressed with how happy she was and how it did not seem to be bugging her.

Anyway we are enjoying our first day of winter break.  Not sure how much I will end up here in the next couple of weeks, but I will drop by as often as I can to fill you in on our life:)


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angela said...

There's nothing like stitches to make a Christmas to remember. I'm glad she's okay.

Zoë said...

Thank you both. I guess you are right Angela it will help us remember it.