Friday, September 18, 2009

Still Here

So how many more post do you think are going to start with "I am Still Here"? We are all getting used to the new way of life (school everyday). It is fun and it is going well, but some things like blogging, bread making, house cleaning, working out.... are just not happening. I need to get all of these things back in my life, but it might take a little bit of time for me to figure out how to.

I have written tons of blogs in my head over the last week, but most of them are just gone right now. Here is a list of things that I have learned in the last couple of weeks:
  • Ada needs to sleep with her light on. She told me "I like to see with BOTH eyes."
  • Elijah does not like to get up (not sure where that came from.... hummm maybe me)
  • I am sick of making lunches for Elijah. Well not so much the making as the thinking of what to make.
  • I can let go of lots of things that just do not need to be done.
  • Sitting on the sidewalk with a little girl in your lap and watching them make a road is fun.
  • My van is getting better gas mileage (well OK I am just driving it less:)
  • It is OK to sit in Starbucks and read a book for the whole time you daughter is in pre-school.
  • It is also OK to take a nice long walk while your daughter is in pre-school. (I am thinking that that 5 hours a week might be fun.)
  • Ada can take her diaper off ( and then pee in her bed and then cry and then we have to get up and change her and the bed and then we have trouble getting back to sleep and then .... I am thinking that she is not going to be wearing her nightgown much until she stops this.) Sorry for that one being so long I a bit sleepy as this happened last night.
  • I am pretty sure that Ada is sleep walking, but the light being on seems to help.
  • 15 minutes of clean up at night before the kids go to bed has helped get the house in order. (we all do it and it ROCKS!)
I got nothing else right now. I seem to be writing more about Ada then Elijah. Not sure why, but maybe she is just more trouble right now;)

Will right more when I have more time.... off now for a bath, bread making, laundry hanging, and weed picking.

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Yarni Gras! said...

I did an 'adjustment' type post too, back in August. Takes getting used'll get better.