Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Slow day

Ada was up at 5:30 after she had a ruff night.... at one point I heard her crying (she sounded far away).

Z: Where are you Ada (up the stairs she comes (again this is the middle of the night)).
Z: What are you doing down there?
A: I do not know.
I did get her back to sleep and I got back to sleep.... I had trouble getting to sleep in the first place because of a cough that I have. Then she was up again at 5:30 and taking off her diaper (she says that they hurt... must be time for a new size.) Since she did not nap yesterday I had hoped that she would have slept in today (keep dreaming girl).

So after getting up to put a new diaper for her, starting the day, getting Elijah going (this takes a lot of little reminders ... goes something like this:

Z: Elijah time to get up (repeat several times)
Z: Elijah time to sit on the potty (repeat several times)
Z: Elijah time to get off the potty (repeat several times)
(are you getting the idea)

Today for some reason (probably because I did not stand there and watch as he did everything) he was VERY slow. Then when he did finally come down he was yelling at his sister and tell her what to do. I went in to stop him, he ran away from the table, then I took is food (he gets more b-fast at school), he spent the next 2-3 mins (could have been more, could have been less.... seemed like 1 hour) yelling at the TOP of his lungs at me, then when that did not get the attention that he was looking for he hit me (not hard, but all the same), so then we had a little bit of vinegar. This is how my day started.... fun yes? Bet you are wishing that you where me today???? (smile)

Anyway the day went up hill from there. We had a nice walk in to school. We had a nice walk home. We had a neighbor over for a little play date. I decided that today was the day to start counting points again. Ada had a nap at 10:30 ( I made her). I had a nap at 10:35 ( I did not have to be made to do that:) Then lunch, Target (for new diapers), and the library.

Here is a photo of Ada's new backpack ..... can you guess what the color is?????? (three queses and the first 2 don't count;).

Her first day is tomorrow. Wish the teachers luck;)

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Stephanie said...

She could totally fit in that backpack. :) I hope it goes well, Zoe!!