Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best line of the day

Ada and I are walking out of the library where she HAS been crying and yelling at the TOP of her little lungs since we left the children's section and ALL the way through the check out line (where the guy at the counter thought she was 2... really 2 .... OK this guy must not see a lot of kids, right..... I mean 2!??).  I lean down to my daughter and say in a stage whisper

" Now Ada you are making all the other patents jealous they are all wishing they where me right now."

BTW she cried all the way home, and has been having at least one of these outbreaks every day for 3 days now (can anyone say having trouble adjusting to the new routine?)

BBTW I am so proud of myself for not getting mad at her and just standing proud and getting out of there with my dignity.

Here is a photo of her not crying.

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Stephanie said...

ha! definitely the best line of the day. :)