Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is not rocket science Mom

Elijah is really enjoying school he is starting to spell, sound things out, seeing numbers everywhere, adding, and telling us stuff that we should know.

At b-fast today:

E: Do you know what color you get when you mix green and blue?
Z: What color?
E: A kinda greenish blue.
(boy they learn a lot at school these days heeheehee)

Ada is spending tons of time talking about what her piggy is going. Piggy has a mom, dad and a brother. And piggy has LOTS of pink stuff. The other day we had this conversation:

A: Piggy's mom is here.
Z: Good.... Do you know that my mom and dad are coming to visit?
A:(funny look) no.
Z: Do you know who my mom and dad are? You have meet them before.
A: No
Z: My mom and dad are your grandma and grandpa.
A: (more funny looks) Mom that is just not how it works! (smile giggle)
(OK maybe she is not ready for that yet.)

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