Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Craft and Fall and Stories (what more could you want;)

Here is on of the 4 place mates that I made for Kari at the quilting weekend. I love the way that they come out. (Oh and the pocket is for silverware not phones;)

Yesterday the kids and I had our flu shots (it only took 2 plus hours!) and after we went to the Big M (playland) and to get pumpkins.

So in the playland Elijah and Ada where playing with this little boy (smaller then E and older then A) they where playing very well and having lots of fun until.....

I saw E pushing A up the stairs (trying to help her up) and she fell on her face. As E was pulling her down by the leg the other boy steps over A to get up the stairs and E says "Hay don't step over my sister!" (again as he was pulling her by the leg. Gotta love it.

What could be better then hanging out with your little sister in a skull?

When we got home she had to tell our kitties that she saw these guys (I was afraid that she was going to slip one into that coat of hers:)


Still wearing that shirt that Santa made him last year.... wander what he will want from Santa this year?

I think we made a wrong turn somewhere.


Stephanie said...

cute placemats! (and kids!) ;)

Lisa Clarke said...

I love the placemat!

Ah, sibling love - it's a complicated thing, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen placemats with a pocket for silverware before, how cool!