Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is this Normal?

Is it normal for a mother to feel dread every time her almost 5 year old says:

"What would happen if..."

We get a lot of what would happen if questions. Things like:

"... we filled the house with all the cheese in the world?"
"...we did not have break lights?"
"...the police pulled you over for not having break lights?"

Fill in the "what would happen with" question and know that he could ask it.

They had a field trip today at school to see the rescue helicopter. Then I got there to pick him all three of his teachers told me separately that Elijah had a great time and asked a lot of questions. One of the teachers said " you would not believe the questions that he asked... well I bet you could;)"

Now for a random photo of Ada Liz before the haircut. I will put one up soon of her new do.


Kari said...

Her hair got cut??? Can she still have piggies?

Zoë said...

Yes she can still have piggies are you kidding I could not get rid of that! She just has bangs now. Very cute

Anonymous said...

What a big girl!