Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great Parents

Here is a photo of my parents that I took on the trip. It was great to spend the week with them and great to have them get to know Ada Liz.
I think that the trip stories are going to be short and take some time to get to you, I am spending a lot of time working on stuff for the craft show. I got one more bag done before breakfast ( I would not feed Elijah or myself until I had got it done... He did not complain until the last little bit and was more then willing to wait while I got it done;) and Ada Liz was still sleeping.)
So here is today's To Do list:
  • sew as many of the 4 remaining bags that I can (I got 3 done)
  • swim class
  • doctors apt. for Elijah
  • class tonight (I should do some reading before that (not even one page!))
  • couple more loads of laundry (as if!)
  • fold the one load that did not get done on Monday (nope)
Not as long a list but lots of time it in, wish me luck.... maybe these hives are from worrying about the show..... I do hope they go away soon.


Kari said...

Thanks for sharing your trip pics. Do you really think that the hives are from the show?? Gosh I hope not - wasn't this supposed to be for fun? :)

~ANG said...

i love the updated list. crossing things off is great...and at least we all know you're human! seriously, who can accomplish all of that in one day?

me said...

It was nice to see your parents again, if only in a picture. Miss them, miss you. You are right Ada got so big, and she looks just like you. Call me when Bambam arrives.
Luv Ya,