Monday, August 1, 2011

No photos, no cord

I have photos to show you, but the cord for my camera went MIA (mind you my loving husband says that I am no google (read into this I am not a good search engine)) so you will just have to deal with a recap that has not photos  (I am a photo kinda girl and do not like to write blogs that have no photos, but here goes).

This weekend my husband made our lovely little girl a swing for our tree (I am now resisting the urge to look for a photo from the past of my tree that we hung it in.) This is her last birthday gift from us.  Ada in her loving sweet way kept asking him to make it while he was making the table for the back porch and he could not say no to that sweet face any more.  The kids both love it... (read into this they fight about it and scream about who gets to be on... I just sent them outside and they are fighting about it before they even get outside) 

I also got all the fabric cut out for my mom and dad's quilt and I got all the blocks together.  Now I have to do the hard part and lay them out in the order I want to sew them (really not looking forward to that).  I do not like one of the color combos, but luckily I have 10 extra blocks (not sure how that happened, but they will end up on the back of the quilt) and 6 of them will be the ones I do not like.

Well I sent the kids out in the heat and I can hear them screaming (in a good way so far), but I should go out there before they start the bad kind of screaming.

Have a nice day and I will try and be a better google tomorrow so that I can show you some photos.

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