Tuesday, August 16, 2011

May or May not

I may or may not be:
  • Sick of summer and wish it was over 
  • Scared of what it will be like when summer is over
  • Ready to have the kids do something ANYTHING other then bug me all the time
  • Sad about the time when they will have others to bug
  • Love the smell of fall in the air
  • Sad about the smell of summer in the air
  • Excited about Elijah starting to learn the French Horn
  • Scared of what my ears will be thinking of the French Horn
  • Sorry that I have to try one more medication to get my Arthritis under control
  • Praying that the insurance company will pay for the new med
  • Excited that the pharmacist now knows my name
  • Ready to go get some B-fast
OK so no photo (sorry Dad) but at least it is a blog.

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