Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Man she is getting big!

Ada had her last day at her school last week.  She will not be going back there next year (our school will be having 4k and she will be going there).  We have been going to her pre-school for 3 years (2 with A and 1 with E) and I cried when she left that last day.  She has been doing ok with it (a bit more crying that first day, but ok since then).

Here are some photos:

Today is the first school day that she is not going and we have had a great day.  I even got some sewing done on her quilt.  I have been doing some knitting, and some sewing (and some hand quilting (my first ever project) for my sisters quilt.) I will have some photos one of these days.... I think.

Have a nice day.

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Stephanie said...

Congratulations to Miss Ada!! :) Cute pics of your kids, zoe!