Sunday, June 28, 2009

New House

This is what my house smells like right now. The kids and I made these today and they are wonderful. I just used egg replacer for the egg and they came out great. Elijah and I had to walk to get baking soda (we must thought it would be to hard to move?), then when the dough was all done I realized that we did not know were the cookie sheets where (must be at least one more box of kitchen stuff somewhere) so we had to go to the neighbors and get one from them. But in the end we got wonderful cookies, a wonderful walk and to see our neighbors.

Now on to what our house looks like, mess and all:

We spend a lot of time eating out here.

Stair case going up.

Living room...I swear that they did not move the sofa with laundry on it;)

I can hardly wait for this room to be in more order so we can spend more time out here.

Dinning room (please do not look at the time of this blog so that you will not see that that box of Kix has been on the table all day)

I gotta go and get out of this house..... Ada is crying again and I am starting to go crazy.


Angela said...

Love it! Funny...I had Kix sitting on the counter all day :o) I'm having a giveaway you should stop by again!

Kari said...

It's starting to look beautiful (not that it didn't piled high with boxes).

Jennifer Schultz said...

Zoe, Hope you all have much happiness together in your new home.


Zoë said...

thank you all. We are LOVING the new place.... it feels like home.

Brandy said...

OOOOOHHHHHH your new house looks NICCCCEEEE! I love the closed in outside room (isn't it called like a launa (sps) or something fancy like that?).

Green with envy! :o)