Friday, June 26, 2009

Day with friends

My very good friend wanted to go to her sister's bridal shower, but she needed someone to take her kids for 2 days. I did not even think about it at all before saying yes. She has great kids. But that does not mean that I did not get a little scared last night thinking about it;) But I have to say that it has been GREAT fun!!! We did paper mache (not so good with little kids), park, slip and slide (brand new from Target today), and bubbles (also from Target today, yes that is right I did go to Target with 3 kids (Elijah was in camp part of the day)). Right now the one kid is sleeping, one is watching TV and 2 are working together to build a LEGO thing (and not fighting!!!).
I know that I promised I would give you some good photos of the house, but I have been busy unpacking, making bread (I just love making bread again), doing laundry but not folding or putting away;), running Elijah to camp, walking in the new/old neighborhood, getting to know new people, and mostly LOVING our new/old house. But here are a couple of photos of the kids so you do not forget what they look like (grin).

We cut his hair so that maybe it would not get so hot and itch so much.

Our ever getting bigger little girl.

and one of our friend just in case Stephanie gets to see my blog while she is gone and misses her little ones. (sorry no good ones of James yet.... he was moving to much for a photo)


Stephanie said...

thank you, zoe. :) xoxo

Mary said...

OMG - they've grown in the last month. How I miss them and y'all.