Monday, June 17, 2013

First days of summer.

So far our summer break has been going well.  I wanted to make this summer a little more structured then last year.  Not in a at this min we need to do this, but more everyday we need to get some stuff done for the house, practice instruments, do some school work and do something fun.  Last year we spent tons of time in the yard and that was great, but I felt like I just kinda let the kids run free and spent to much time reading blogs, FB, ... So this summer I wanted to do more outings.  It seems to be working so far, but today is only the second day of summer break ( if you do not count the weekends;). 

The kids each made a list of stuff they wanted to do this summer and one of the things on Ada's list was learn how to sew ( how could I say no to that?). So today she laid out some fabric that she wanted to make into pillows and we made them.  She then went around to the neighbors and gave them away.  So cute.

They both wanted to go to the zoo so that was also on the list for today.

I think they liked it;)

And we got a membership to the pool this year and already I love it, we went for the first time yesterday and they loved it ( and I got to sew flowers for my quilt so I loved it;)

Right now they are on a bike ride with their Dad.  Ahhhhh summer.  I hope the rest of the summer goes as well as the first 2 days.  

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Great plans... but there is nthing wrong with playing in the yard...