Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little girl

My little girl turned 4 this week.  How could it be 4 years already?  Does every ones birthday blogs of their kids start that way?  I am kinda sure they must!

I could have put a million photos up of the past 4 years, but I managed to stop myself (I should do some parenting today right?:)  So here are 3 that I found (the photos almost dragged me into the past I almost spent hours looking at them I had to stop or none of us would have had lunch.)

Tiny tiny Ada (as we called her back then.... man I was sad the day Elijah told me that we could not call her that anymore because she was not tiny anymore (that might have been yesterday.... just saying)

One of her little wonderful smiles.

Just cause.

Now some photos from the party it was a cowgirl/princess party, we had a joint party with a friend of Ada's (Ada was the Princess).

Our 4 year old.

The birthday girls (with the shirts I made for them).

Large group of kids.

Hunt for money in the hay.

Baseball is not going to be her strong point, but she does seem happy:)

OK I might have been a little beat by this point in the party, but I was still loving it.

cupcakes with the best easy frosting the world has ever seen.

Gift opening (note that she does not have that cute 4 shirt on..... see last photo for reason.)

Do not think she is happy.... must do better next year:)

Couple of days later on her real b-day (one of the first things she did with that magical wand was wish mommies hurts away (Man I love that girl).

This doll came from her cousin, he had a hard time picking out a good gift for a little girl (I think he did great).


Stephanie said...

She has always been the cutest little girl! Happy Birthday, sweet Ada!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh my goodness she is just so cute! What a lovely smile...looks like the party was a success!